Question for the month of September

If you completed a computer-delivered IELTS exam on the 2nd of October, what might be the earliest date that you could receive your Test Report Form (TRF)?

Correct answer

You will receive your Test Report Form (TRF) on 7 October.

The British Council introduced computer-delivered IELTS in August 2018. Ever since then, it has been the popular option amongst test takers because:

  • Faster results – your IELTS results will be available 5-7 days after the test
  • More test sessions – test sessions available throughout the week
  • More Speaking test timeslots – speaking timeslots available on the same day
  • Last-minute test registration – registration will only close 4 days before the test date, subject to seats availability
  • Marking – Reading and Listening sections will be auto-marked by computers while the Speaking test will remain to be graded by a trained IELTS examiner
  • Listening test – headphones will be provided